Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nothing Interesting

The last week has been pretty Blah. So either skip reading this or prepare for a lot of whining.

On Wednesday my birthday present from Jerad arrived:

So that was something exciting! I've never had a smart phone and didn't really think it would be worth the extra $$ a month. Jerad talked me into it because 1) they're awesome, 2) the phone I had didn't actually work at my desk which was a little inconvenient 3) my point and shoot camera is broken and I don't have an ipod.

My birthday was actually August 30th. This was the weirdest b-day I've ever had. I am a BIG birthday person. Jerad and I usually take a trip, then have a party with family, then one with friends. Its usually a birthday month type of thing. This year Jerad was out of town (its lame having a b-day on a week day), my parents never said happy birthday and decided not to give me a card or present, all of our friends were busy, and so I didn't end up with anything birthday related; a cake, a card, not one single present. Not like I need those things, it was just weird doing literally nothing for the first time ever. I did get a lot of facebook love and text messages which was nice. A week later we had dinner at our friends Beth and Tyson's house and she baked these yummy brownie treats and we called that my celebration:)

ANYWAYS... Jerad got me an iPhone last week and that kind of made up for the whole thing:)

Marshall woke up sick (runny eyes and nose, little cough, fever) on Thursday so I stayed home from work to administer our normal protocol:

Elderberry Extract every hour
Tea Tree, peppermint, and lavender essential oils in a steamy bath a few times a day
1000iu vitamin D
Lots of immunity tea, water, whole foods, and rest.

We don't treat fevers or runny noses (just the occasional saline spray to soothe) and think of them as the body doing its job to heal itself.

Thursday evening I had a midwife apt and everyone in the office was amazed at how sweet and goofy Marshall was even though he was clearly sick. They literally think he never cries and is always even-tempered (har har). 

By he next morning he was fine but I was sick and the last thing I felt like doing was remembering to do all the stuff I'd just done for Marshall so instead we hauled me and my germs to the Children's Museum then when we got home I over did it setting up the nursery and now 4 days later I'm just starting to recover. So yeah... take care of yourself when you're sick:) I don't know if my immune system is just down from being pregnant and getting no sleep lately or if I got a different bug than he did but I got pretty sick.

We had hot plans to go to the Grand Opening of a pumpkin farm over the weekend where there was supposed to be all sorts of fun shenanigans for kids. Since I was sick and Marshall was recovering we didn't make it. Jerad had a small side job on Saturday that he thought would take about 3 hours and somehow turned into 10. Sunday I barely got out of bed. Monday I stayed home from work and went ahead and sent Marshall to my mom's house so I could actually rest. My plan was to sleep in then in the afternoon run a few errands and get some chores done before picking up Marshall. Jerad convinced me I deserved a pedicure. I ended up feeling so crappy all day I only got out of bed to go make food/tea. Awesome. I didn't even have the energy to lay on the couch and put on a movie. I NEVER manage to stay down when I'm sick because it makes me feel lazy so clearly I was miserable. Missing out on a pedicure to lay around and do nothing just made me more miserable.

Today I felt good enough to drag myself into the office and stop using up my precious paid time off, and I'm hoping tonight I don't have to sleep sitting up in order to breathe.

The last 4 days Marshall has been back to sleeping normally so we're all feeling happier and more well rested. He really only was a bad sleeper for one week but its amazing when you get sleep deprived how LONG a week can feel. Luckily, it was a short phase.

A week ago I made a vow to stay on top of our never ending Mt. Laundry. I am very good about keeping everything clean, but had gotten in the bad habit of just throwing all the clean stuff into the guestroom or piling it on top of the washer and dryer. So I've been making sure to wash every day, put the clothes in the dryer as soon as the washer is done, and folding each load the second it comes out of the dryer. I sit in the living room and fold while Marshall is playing. Then I stack all the folded laundry on the fireplace. And leave it there. Every morning we go downstairs and pick out our clothes for the day. So... baby steps I guess. I mean... at least everyone has their own stack of folded clean clothes right?

Also, having a huge house with the laundry room downstairs and all the bedrooms upstairs is dumb.

Next week my goal is going to be actually putting away each load of laundry. 

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