Thursday, October 6, 2011

29 weeks

I think?!? I keep getting it mixed up then go to my midwife appointments only to informed that I'm not as far along as I thought I was... but my weekly babycenter email is saying 29 weeks so I'll go with that. Also apparently the baby is about 2.5 lbs, 15 inches long, and the size of a butternut squash. I believe it! I tried to google a butternut squash pic and found one that looked like a skeleton but decided not to post it because its kind of creepy to compare the baby to it.

Oh who am I kidding, you need to be traumatized too:

You're welcome!

Basically I feel exactly the same as I did when I wrote this post at 29 weeks with Marshall, except I have a lot more stretch marks now. Besides the *overwhelming exhaustion* the first 17 weeks or so, this pregnancy has mostly been identical to Marshall's. So far Miller is just as active in utero as Marshall was. He does.not.hold.still. Marshall ended up being a super chill baby once he was out of the womb, so I'm hoping for the same this time around. A few days ago I was sitting on the couch reading a book and Marshall came up and tried to sit with me. The baby kept kicking him so hard that it would move him a little bit and he'd say "hey!" and look at me like I was the one poking him.

I'm at the point in the pregnancy where I have midwife apt every 2 weeks which really makes the time fly. I don't write about the appointments because every apt is the same and there's nothing to share really. I pee on a stick which checks for protein and some other stuff, there never is any, my blood pressure is always like 120/70, baby's heart beat is always in the 140's, my uterus always measures right on track, the midwife palpitates my abdomen to determine the baby's position (which is all over the place) and then we visit for about an hour.

I really, really love our midwife. We have known her since I was 30 weeks pregnant with Marshall and we switched to her care from the nurse midwife practice we were unhappy with. Between the prenatal and postnatal visits with Marshall, all of his well visits, and now Miller's visits we've seen each other regularly over the last 2 years and become friends. Every appointment is at least an hour and we talk about all sorts of things so we've really gotten to know her and her family and vice versa.

At the last appointment Marshall was sitting up on the bed by me and decided to do a little palpitating of his own. He just started kneading my stomach with both hands and this look of complete focus, it was soo funny, we all cracked up. Then when the baby's heart beat came over the monitor Marshall started dancing. His favorite part is getting to play with the measuring tape.

Here's a belly shot from this morning:

Its a loose dress, so kind of hard to see. And for some reason I focused on the stuff on the counter instead of on me. It was 6am, cut me some slack.

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Paige said...

Umm... the fact that you are standing with clothes on at 6 am is what astounds me.