Friday, October 14, 2011

Beach Day

Today Marshall and I went to the beach. Apparently the nice Fall weather we had a few weeks ago was a fluke because its been Hades Hot lately. An escape to the coast was definitely in order.

Despite the beautiful weather at the beach, the water was coooooold and I wasn't sure how much he was going to love it. He got his toes in and stood watching for a few minutes.



Then sat down.

This is the face me makes if I ask him to smile apparently.

There were a few other other kids about the same age there who would cling to their mom's like there was no tomorrow as soon as a wave would come, or would run away.

Um, not my baby. I had to stop taking pictures at this point because he decided to run out past his waist and stay there betting pummeled by waves. Every few waves he'd get knocked down and tumbled around and thought it was hilarious. I wore a dress and ended up getting soaked trying to a) keep up with him and b) keep him from drowning.

We played in the water until his lips were purple and he was shaking so hard he could barely stand up, yet he still cried when I decided it was time to leave. Picture me, in all my 30 week pregnant glory, carrying all our stuff with a purple shaking toddler reaching over my shoulder towards the water crying "bye bye wa-wa" over and over.

Quite the site.

After that we had a picnic lunch in the park. I asked Marshall if he wanted some chicken and while he was eating it he kept making chicken sounds then saying "mmmm" which was both adorable and traumatizing all at the same time.

He also got a kick out of "driving" the pirate ship:

Tonight when I was giving him a bath he kept saying "ball" and "water" then "bird" and "weee" which is what he calls slides and I realized he was talking about the beach! So cute.

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