Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

I almost didn't post this because we didn't really do anything interesting that anyone would care to read about. So just be warned!

Friday afternoon I took Marshall to the beach. Friday night I let him stay up a little late to see Jerad when he got home. This out of town trip was perfect, Jerad left at 6:30am on Thursday so we got to see him in the morning, then was back (sort of) before bedtime on Friday.

Saturday Marshall woke up with some serious bed head.

These pictures don't even do it justice because they were taken about 2 hours after he woke up.

This was the only weekend we had free before our last minute housewarming party scheduled for next Saturday, so we spent most of our time working on our to-do list.


* Finish Dog Area (check)
* Mow, weedwhack, blow (check)
* Fix kitchen light fixture(check)
  (Jerad lifted Marshall up to touch our kitchen light fixture a few weeks ago and the plastic thing crashed down and broke)
* Fix broken sprinklers, water brown spots in lawn (check)
* Plant new plants in front and stake Boganvilla's
* Rearrange living room furniture (check)
* Put up fall decorations in living room (check)
* Finish nursery ( just need a few more drawer pulls)
* Fix broken white chair and touch up paint

We got everything done except planting a few new plants and staking the big boganvilla plants we have in the front of our house. This actually kind of pisses me off because I have been begging Jerad to do this for MONTHS and have even bought plants which have died because they were never planted. I guess technically we didn't fix the broken chair either but I'm not really worried about it...

Marshall is OBSESSED with Miller's crib and happily played in there for an hour while I worked in the nursery. He calls it a "night night box" and rolls around, holds onto the bars and jumps around, plays with the play pen mobile I stuck on there. Its pretty amusing.

While rearranging the living room furniture I decided that we really needed another chair, preferably a dark wicker with an ottoman. I looked on craigslist, and found one exactly like I was picturing, in perfect condition for only $50. So we took a little family trip to SLO to pick it up.

Sunday we had a few more to-do list items:

Wash curtains (check)
Vacuum Blinds (halfway check)
Finish Marshall's play area (check)
Pick up dog poo, rake rocks, pull weeds, make back yard look semi decent
Decorate front porch for Fall
Organize upstairs hallway
Clean fridge, pantry, declutter kitchen (check)

We ended up having an impromptu lunch with Jerad's parents to celebrate his birthday, so we didn't get a lot of things on the list done. BUT... eating out is clearly more fun that chores so it was worth it:)

I waited until Marshall's naptime to work on the kitchen and pantry because I knew I'd be emptying out cupboards and he'd want to "help." His bedroom is right over the kitchen and I could hear huge thumps, drawers slamming, and just mayhem in general. Since he wasn't crying and I was getting a ton don, I decided to just deal with the aftermath later. Once it got quiet I decided to go take a peek and see what he had been up to:

He'd pulled everything out of the bottom drawer of his dresser (blankets and slings), flipped his table over, did a little reading, then pulled a pillow into the middle of his room, put a blanket over his head, and passed out. What a weirdo.

Did you notice the baby gym in the last picture? He re-discovered that when we were unpacking baby things for Miller's room and is mesmerized by it. I keep sneaking it out of his room and he keeps sneaking it back in. 

Sunday evening I went to a jewelry/dessert party at Jerad's aunt's house. I got a few really cute things AND a plate of dessert leftovers to bring home. Win/win!

Marshall gets a "bath" every night. I say "bath" because we only use soap or shampoo about once a week. Its pretty much a nightly "play in the water sesh." We fill up the tub, then leave the faucet trickling cold water. He likes playing in the running water and it cools off the rest of the tub after about 30 minutes otherwise he'd never get out. His new favorite is turning on the shower. Because the water is barely on it takes awhile to start coming out of the shower head, but he waits very patiently. I dunno why, but it cracks me up:

Well there you have it, our boring weekend:)


lucinda! said...

silly boy! the picture of him passed out in the middle of the room cracks me up. sounds like you had a pretty productive weekend, even though a few things on your list didnt get done. cant wait to see the new house this weekend!

Christina said...

I pointed to Marshall and asked Everett who he was. I was expecting "baby," but he said, "Baby E!"--which is what he calls himself. {:

I love Miller's nursery! So cute!!