Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nursery Progress

Here is where we're at with Miller's nursery:

We still have a few things that need to be hung on the wall, need to finish making the mobile, a mirror along the floor bed, set up a changing station on top of the dresser, put the rest of the drawer pulls on the dresser in the closet, take out the ceiling light fixture and add a fan, touch up a little paint, build a few shelves in the closet, and we might paint a mural on the wall where the floor bed is similar to this one:

(only with blue birds)

The mobile is going to be like this:

In blue, grey, and yellow fabrics. My mother in law is making it so it will actually end up looking nice as opposed to the fabric blobs hot glued together and stuck on sticks that would happen if I tried to do it.

We went back and forth and back and forth about doing a nursery. First we were going to just put the baby in our room since we'll be cosleeping. If he ends up being like Marshall and needing his own space after a few months, our new house has room for us to put a bassinet or crib in our bedroom, or even in our closet. We planned on eventually putting the boys together in what is now Marshall's room. Then we decided we had so much fun making Marshall's first room that Miller deserved the same, even if it wouldn't get much use. We'd just try to do it on the cheap.

Just like with Marshall, we didn't want anything too "baby" or "theme-ish." I was going to buy fabric and make the curtains that are in the closet and window but decided to save some $ and just use some white linen ones we already had. Same with the bedding. We used a curtain rod we already had for the window, then an old shower curtain rod to hang the curtains in the closet. The crib is from Craigslist. We sanded and painted it. The bedding is from Marshall's nursery, as are all of the toys. We already had the rug, floor bedding, mirror, bird decals that are in the closet, and curtains. The only other things we bought for the room is the paint, crib mattress (Ikea), dresser (Craigslist), glider (consignment shop), the low white shelf (Ikea), floor bed (Ikea), floor bed base (Ikea).

Crib: $40
Crib Mattress: $70
Shelf: $60
Floor Mattress: $99
Mattress Slats: $20
Dresser: $25
Dresser Pulls: $10.50
Glider: $80
Paint: $40

Total:  $444.50

Which really isn't that much considering he'll use the mattresses, shelf and dresser for a long time. We'll do like we did with Marshall and re-sell the crib and glider as soon as we stop using them. Because the floor bed is a twin sized mattress, we can also use the space for an over night guest if we need to.

Like I said, there's still more to do but so far I'm very happy with the way it came out! Its cute and peaceful. In case you've forgotten, here is what it looked like when we bought the house:

Ugh, that color still drives me crazy! I'm just not a red bedroom person. Then here is what it looked like before we nurseryfied it:

As you can see we never really did anything with it, just put some spare furniture in there and talked about maybe making an office. I feel kind of bad that Jerad's dad spent a whole day painting over the red and we just painted over it....Then again there is no way I could have lived with that red for the 5 months we've been in the house.

Besides a few finishing touches, all we need is a sweet little baby to complete the room!


KelBel said...

We have a mural stencil that I got off of etsy for G's room. It looks almost exactly like that, minus the birds. I can send you the file over email, if you want? I printed it onto clear projector paper (20 cents at Office Max) and used a school projector to put it up on the wall. Some tracing with a pencil, and voila!

Steph said...

Oh my gosh, that would be AMAZING! If we had a stencil it might actually get done:)

Raquel said...

That nursery looks like a magazine nursery! I wish I were cool enough to do stuff like that. LOVE the crib!