Sunday, May 9, 2010

One week already?

Wow. When Jerad and I were planning our leave for after the baby came, 4 weeks for him then 8 weeks for me seemed like SO LONG. I can't believe one week is already done. It kind of heartbreaking thinking about leaving this little guy so soon. I'm glad we both decided to ease back into work part time instead of jumping right back to full time.

Not much has happened in the last week. We've been doing lots of snuggling and just staring at Marshall and eachother and saying over and over how cute he is. It's unbelievable that he's OUR baby!

Until I have time to write a more lengthy post, here are some pics to hold you over:

Day 1:

Day 3:
(this goes on a lot)

Day 4:
(he is SO expressive! here are a few of his little faces)

Day 5:
(Jerad's grandparents stopped by. 80 years of Hutchinsons!)

Day 6:
(My first Mother's Day)

So far he has been such a sweet, easy, happy little baby. He makes the most adorable little faces and sounds, we can't get over it. Yesterday we had our first outing, a trip to Target to pick up a few things. It was the first ride in the car and the first time "out" and I was a little nervous that it would turn into a disaster. He ended up sleeping almost the whole time and was super content for the little bit he was awake.

Today we went to a Mother's Day brunch and again, he was a little angel sleeping or just quietly looking around. The only time he fussed was when he was ready to nurse. We're trying not to get our hopes up too much just in case his little personality changes, but so far he is super chill.

At night he sleeps for 2-3 hours at a time then will fuss quietly, nurse, get his diaper changed, and fall right back to sleep. As of now there haven't been any nights where he wants to be awake.

Jerad has been SO amazing, I honestly don't know how he could be any more involved/helpful than he has been. Prior to having Marshall, he had never changed a diaper and hadn't really even held a baby. So, I was figuring there would be a bit of a transition period until he felt "comfortable." Nope, he just jumped right in!

Since we had the baby at home, there were no nurses or anyone to help us. 2 hours after the birth everyone was gone. Jerad changed every diaper the first 2 days until I was feeling recovered. He also woke up the next morning, washed all the laundry, and put the house back together then made us a huge french toast breakfast.

I am so blessed with such a sweet family:)


Erin said...

He really is SUCH a cute baby. And I'm so happy that he's calm and quiet and sweet. That means you get more rest:) Claire never stopped crying from day one and Faye was so quiet we'd forget she was there. But what a precious little man. Congratulations you guys.

Beth McDermott said...

What a sweet boy. I LOVE the one of his little sleepy drunk smile... HOW FREAKING CUTE. Hope your first Mother's Day was everything and more. I can't WAIT to see him again. xo
PS- thanks a LOT. The first thing Ty said when we got in the car the other night is '...newborn babies sure are cute... lets do it again!...'