Thursday, September 30, 2010

Operation Minimalize Progress #2

Well, we sold everything listed in my last post plus a trailer of Jerad's. Now we have more room in our driveway! Last night I listed more things.

1. An amp and sub that have been sitting in our basement forever. The one in my old car broke and Best Buy replaced them but the sub takes up so much room in my trunk we never bothered installing them.

2. Martini glasses we never use.

3. A white dresser. This was in the guestroom but got moved to our room to make way for the desk that was in the nursery. Yeah, it confuses me too. Its cute but too big for our teeny tiny room.

4. A bistro table and chairs. We loved this when we lived in our templeton town house. We put it under the picture window and would have breakfast every morning. Oh the days of having lots of space!

5. All of my Paris Decor. We redecorated the living room last year and ended up moving most of the Paris stuff to our bedroom but it is WAY too much stuff for a bedroom. Someone else could get a lot more use of it.

6. Laundry Hamper. This matched our old bedroom set. Its nice but made of wrought iron so too heavy to carry to the laundry room and the canvas liner is a pain to take out. I'm going to replace with something I can cart to the washer.

7. Lavender stuff. This was in our bedroom and bathroom. Tired of dusting.

So far the table and chairs have been picked up, 2 people are thinking about the Paris stuff, and there is a 6 person waiting list for the dresser. Its crazy around here! I still can't believe we got rid of everything from the last post. Our house is feeling much more peaceful.

I know exactly how I want to decorate the living room... right now I'm just hung up on picking the right wool rug. I would be fine with no rug, but Jerad is rug obsessed. Which is odd because I'm always barefoot and he always wears shoes, so you'd think it would be the other way around. A nice rug will be a good investment since Marshall will be crawling soon and all we have is wood and tile flooring.

Our goals for today are to de-clutter the kitchen, living room, hall bath, our bedroom, and the three hall closets. We'll see how that goes.


Paige said...

Have you looked at Cost Plus yet for rugs? That is where we got the wool rug in our living room. We got the one in Hanks room (also wool) at IKEA (they actually have a decent selection of wool rugs at good prices). I might actually have a plain navy one I could sell you if you are interested! It is really big... like 10 x 12 or something.

Steph said...

we're going to cost plus tonight so I'll take a look! I want an 8x10 (or larger if I can afford it:) but in a neutral color. I could maybe deal with a light aqua because it would match but navy wouldnt work:(

I wish we had an ikea closer. then again I would be broke so... probably good we dont. i am such a sucker for house stuff. hence the massive declutter.