Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marshall's Valentines

Marshall's preschool class has a little Valentine's celebration where the kids all hand out cards and treats to each other. I wanted to do something that wasn't candy and came across this idea on pinterest. So cute and perfect for little boys!

At this point in time Marshall doesn't know or care about Valentine's Day, and I thought if I had him help me make them he'd just want to keep all the bugs so I just did it myself. I had white cardstock so I used that to printed out the jars, then just taped on the bugs ($3 for a 12 pack at Target). I didn't have double stick tape so I just used regular tape folded over on itself. They were SUPER easy and look super cute yet still homemade!

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Jess said...

awww these are so cute. seriously when do you have the time.