Monday, April 7, 2014

Miller Cash, 2 Years

On December 13th, Miller turned 2. I feel like I blinked and he went from this:

To this!

We've been doing one present for each year, so this year Miller got two. A Disney Planes Duplo set, and a fire truck.

We celebrated at home with his favorite breakfast, pancakes.

And presents.

Later that day my parents dropped off his present from them, a Lightning McQueen powerwheels. He loooooves "A-wide Ma-keen" and was in HEAVEN.

Miller is the biggest snugglebug.

He loves trains and can name every Thomas engine. He also loves the movie Cars.

He still sucks on Aiden and Anais blankets as if they were pacifiers for naps and bedtime.

He takes a lot of selfies on my phone:

He has a huge vocabulary and talks in sentences. If you ask him a question like "what should we have for breakfast?" instead of parroting back the question or repeating the last word like most 2 year old's do, he will answer it "wet's haf pancakes ana sum oh-gurt too!" (Let's have pancakes and some yogurt too). When he doesn't know a word he will point and ask "what's dat fing called?" One morning he asked me "what's pancake honey called?" because he forgot the word for syrup. Another evening he was in the bath and pointed to the shower curtain and said "look, there's an owl way up there, and one down there too." When I call his name he says "are you wookin fer me, mama?" He has the deepest voice I've ever heard come out of a two year old (sadly at 2years 4 months when I'm finally finishing writing this his deep voice is gone). this video was taken 1.5 months before he turned 2. He's saying "I like to jump mama" and "watch this mama:"


His laugh is infectious. In fact, he gets out of trouble a lot because he starts laughing his big belly laugh and I forget all about whatever naughty thing he's done. 

He knows all his ABC's and can count to 20. But he doesn't know ANY of his colors. And only like 3 animal sounds (but he does know all the animal names). I think that's partly my fault, I didn't think to teach them as much as I did with Marshall.

Don't tell him he's two, he thinks he's a big kid. In fact, he will tell you that he's 5. His favorite person in the whole wide world is Marshall. They pal around and do everything together. If Marshall gets put in time out, Miller voluntarily goes and sits with him. If Marshall falls down and gets hurt, Miller cries too. He likes Emery of course, but at 5 months old she just isn't that interesting to him yet. Most of his frustrations stem from not always being able to keep up with Marshall and his big kid friends. He will run and jump and climb and if you attempt to help him he'll be quick to tell you "no hawping, I do it myseff!"

Happy 2 years Mill Mills, we couldn't imagine life without you!

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