Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Other News...

I forgot to mention an important detail.

About 2 weeks into our wedding planning, we discovered something interesting.

That was about 5 days before we were scheduled to leave on a two week cross country trip. So, we were SUPER excited, but barely had time to process:)

At the time, we had been planning on the same surprise wedding, only during our annual winter trip instead. We decided to move it up a few months and have an Oct wedding instead which had been our second choice:)

Even though we were ecstatic, I was also nervous. We decided to wait until Thanksgiving to tell our families and most of our friends just in case something went wrong. It turns out we were slightly impatient and didn't make it quiiiite to then:)

I have much much more to write about the pregnancy so far, but here's a few stats in the meantime:

17.5 weeks along.
Gained 6.5 lbs.
Due May 2nd.
Still contemplating a homebirth, but seeing midwives in SLO.
Had one ultrasound at 11 weeks which was crazy awesome.
Find out the sex in about 2 weeks.
We've picked out names that I'll be sharing later:)
Haven't had any morning sickness and overall feel great.
Jerad is going to be an adorable dad.


misguided mommy said...

omg omg omg

i don't even know what to do with myself

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

i am so excited congrats


okay now we need belly shots and more info and you better start updating this blog more often missy

.heidi.noelle. said...

AHHHHHH!!! Congratulations!

You both are going to make wonderful parents! :D

Beatrice Blount said...

I say: :)