Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yesterday was amazing

AKA "I have the best hubby ever"

The day started with me getting up at 6am as per usual to feed the dogs, hopefully eat something myself, and change and feed Marshall. Jerad was already gone for his 6am shift. In the kitchen was a note saying "enjoy your breakfast babe" sitting beside a pot of coffee and crumb donut holes. Somehow my sweet husband managed to get all of that together before he left at 5:45 am.

After Jerad got home from working his part time shift, he took the baby and let me have a nap. I got two hours of uninterrupted sleep. It was heaven. I can sleep while he is at work, but its not a very deep sleep because its always holding Marshall or just having him next to me and he makes a lot of noises.

Anyways, I got a nap and it was heaven. Later we watched a few hours of tivoed ridiculous shows like The Bachelorette and True Beauty and ANTM.

Once our tv watching time was up, Jerad went in the kitchen and gave me strict instructions to stay out, he was going to make dinner and it was a surprise. He made a yummy salad with lettuce from my parent's garden, and red snapper and shrimp in this delish white sauce made with soy milk, capers, artichoke hearts and I don't know what else but OMG IT WAS GOOD!

The timing worked out perfectly and Marshall ended up staying asleep for the entire meal so we were able to eat at the table like grownups. Jerad even busted out the fancy china:) We used to eat dinner together at the table every night with the TV off and talk but since Mr Marshall arrived those meals have become few and far between. Nowadays we either gulp down our food super fast before he wakes up, or one of us eats while the other holds the baby and then we switch. It was nice having some grownup time!

I offered to clean the hammered kitchen (seriously, how does one person use so many pans?) if Jerad made some sort of dessert and he was more than happy to oblige. So, after the kitchen was cleaned we had dark chocolate brownies. Made from scratch.

Jerad had some autocad drawings to work on so I played with Marshall. He's starting to like laying in his crib (for about 2 minutes) and looking at his mobile and sock monkey. Its pretty cute.

After we did that for awhile and I fed him a miracle occurred: he fell asleep in his swing. For over an hour. This is a miracle people. While I do love holding him 24/7, I keep wishing there was SOMETHING that would entertain him for at least a little bit so I can get things done. Usually I put him in the carrier but its not always convenient to have a baby strapped on. Every day I've tried setting him in the swing. The most he's tolerated it has been for 2 minutes. Last night he just konked out.

I was able to fold all the laundry (like 6 loads that I've been throwing on the guest bed), wash and put away a load of diapers, reply to a few emails, straighten up the nursery, set out clothes for everyone for the next morning and pack the diaper bag.

I was worried the swing thing was a fluke but he took another nap in there today and I got to wash another load of laundry, vacuum and mop the whole house, straighten up the living room and play online. If he'll do this just an hour a day I think it will be a big boost for my sanity:)

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