Saturday, July 10, 2010

What we've been up to lately...

After having an emergency surgery for my abscesses, I got mastitis again. The other side this time. Not so much fun. I woke up last Friday feeling the tiniest bit nauseous and with a sore boob. I chalked the feeling icky up to not having eaten yet, and the sore boob to me just having bad boob luck and went on with my day. I had a few errands to run in SLO and decided on a whim to call the lactation consultant and see if she'd see me. Luckily they got me right in. She automatically diagnosed me with Mastitis and a Bleb and so I got to start ANOTHER course of antibiotics. At least we caught it quickly this time! My new orders are to basically come in if I feel the slightest bit sore or weird since I don't get very severe symptoms. I asked if I was going to keep getting mastitis every few weeks and she assured me that wouldn't be the case.

I went on my happy way to recovery and then Marshall got Thrush. Probably from all of the antibiotics. I can tell how bad his poor little mouth is hurting him because he's been extra fussy. He also has a purple mouth/face from the gentian violet treatment:)

I get to treat my nipps with the violet stuff too. Everyone at my job thinks I'm insane for still breastfeeding. Honestly, quitting hasn't crossed my mind. I feel like I've gone through so much crap and problems it would be awful to quit now. What else can go wrong right? *knock on wood*

I've been back at work for 2 weeks now. I can honestly say that I'm enjoying it. I'm just working 1/2 shifts (for 8 weeks!) so 5 hours, Mon-Thurs. My mom is watching Marshall so I don't have to worry about him and 5 hours is just enough time for me to feel productive, have some "me" time, yet not go into baby withdrawls.

In Marshall news, as of last Wednesday he was up to 12 lbs and 11 oz. I think the thrush/pain in his mouth slowed down his weight gain. He has been gaining around 10-11oz a week and last week it was "only" 4 :)

He is loving his mobiles now and besides staring and cooing at them, he now tries to bat at them as well.

Most days he will happily stare at the mobile in his crib for 10-20 minutes which is an ETERNITY in baby time.

I can actually get something done! I'm lovin it.

He is also still loving his baths. Tummy tub, big bathtub, sink, even the shower. If there's water, he's happy.

Naps are getting better too. His favorite place to sleep is still in our arms or snuggled against us but he is getting more tolerant of sleeping by himself too. Normally in the morning I can get him to nap alone in our bed while I shower and get ready.

At least once a day we take a walk and he'll usually stay passed out in the stroller for awhile after we get back too.

He's fitting into a lot of his bigger clothes now. 0-3 months or 3-6 months depending on the brand, and even a few 6 month outfits! This is currently our favorite outfit (from his Aunt Kanda):

Its a onesie that says "baby in black - Johnny Cash" and then a John Deere cap. I'm trying not to dress him in it every day but its hard not to:)

Luckily the hat is cute with everything... like 4th of July outfits!

He's such a little Jerad...

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liz oelker said...

you poor thing! hope it clears up fast. and Marshall is definitely looking bigger. so crazy how fast they grow!! cuter and cuter everyday though :)