Monday, July 26, 2010

How to chomp on your fist, step by step.

Step 1: Mentally prepare by staring at fist for a few minutes

Step 2: Slowly and deliberately pull fist towards mouth

Step 3: Happily chomp away!

Step 4: Shove fist too far in mouth and get pissed about it

Step 5: lather, rinse, repeat.


Christina said...

Cute!!! Um, I need that onesie. What's the brand? (;

Steph said...

I'll have to check when I get home, but it was a 3 piece set from Target. Circo maybe? There's grey pants and an ADORABLE green and white stripped sweatshirt w/ a blue rocket on the front:)

Beth McDermott said...

omg, best read of the day. How freaking adorable are you guys? Thanks for bringing the babe by last night... it was great to see him (and you, ha), and how fast he is GROWING!! xoxo