Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Dear.

how adorable is this collection???

I love Janie and Jack stuff... just not so hot on the prices:) Baby clothes should not cost more than big people clothes. They're like 1/10 the size so clearly they should be 1/10 the cost right? Hence why I always buy baby stuff at consignment stores.

That said I'm totally buying the little coyboy hat. Just not this week, Jerad and I are doing a "no spend challenge" and I'm determined to win not to cheat :)

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Sarah Griffin said...

i LOVE janie & jack too.. we have one here at the mall in La Jolla. I almost died when I saw some plain baby blue onesie on clearance for $17?!? seriously. It's a good thing I don't have a girl... i would just buy it and not look at the price tag. I've also been a little obsessed with Naartjie lately too.. I only shop the clearance rack there, but have gotten some super cute things at good prices. :)