Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm exhausted.

Man, how is it only Wednesday? This week has lasted forever... and I still have 30 minutes left of my shift today, then 10.5hrs tomorrow. Kill me.

Things have been going okay. Marshall still isn't napping well for my mom and so when I get home at 5:45 he nurses, then is asleep around 6pm. I'm glad he sleeps in our bed so at least I get to "see him" even if its in his sleep. He sleeps pretty good until midnight then starts waking up every hour or 2 to eat then we get up for the day at 5. Awesome.

Jerad quit his job, did I tell you that? It was just getting to be way too much drama drama and he was way under appreciated. his supervisor decided he needed to "prove himself" after having worked there for 3 years, coming in every weekend they asked him to, always staying late, doing ANYTHING they wanted. Then his email/computer got taken away and he started getting all of these ridiculous projects to do and nothing but attitude from his supe. No thanks! It was time to move on.

He was working crazy hours between having a full time job and all the side stuff so we decided it would be best for our family if he quit his full time w/ benefits job (crazy I know). The plan was that could work for himself doing random side jobs, work with the contractor he's been doing solar with, and have a flexible schedule so he could see me and the baby more. He also was going to work the Outage at Diablo so we could pay off my car to make Dave Ramsey happy, and have a nice chunk in our savings acct for when times are slow. We talked about all the free time he was going to have and how we could meet for lunch like we used to, he's have time to finish projects around the house, spend more time with the dogs who have been crazy lately, and have some daddy-baby bonding. Sounds great yeah?

Since he "quit" he's been busier than ever. In the last week he did a solar install in Bakersfield (or was it twice in Bakersfield? It's all a blur...), drove to Pasadena to bid a solar project, then yesterday flew to Delano for another bid. Today he left to go to bakersfield and install an inverter, LA to pick up solar panels (or something like that), and end up in San Diego for a big project. He has no idea how long he'll be gone. He's hoping to be back Friday for a day, then turn around and head BACK to San Diego. But who knows, he could just be there for a week. He's trying to get this install wrapped up before he starts working crazy overtime at Diablo. Oh, did I mention he thinks that will start next Friday? I guess I'm just a little overwhelmed.

I am SO thankful that he has all this work and that I have such a great job but ya... it's hard. Monday is also my 26th b-day! I don't know if I'm doing anything. I kind of just want to sleep in and snuggle my baby that I don't get to see anymore.

My mom starts teaching next week and we STILL don't have anyone to watch Marshall on Thursday's. The plan was for Jerad to get to stay home with him for the next month but now that can't work. That is super stressing me out. Less than a week to find someone I feel comfortable leaving the baby with for that long is a big task. I'm thinking about cutting my hours down on Thurs so he won't have to be watched by someone else as long, but I have yet to find that someone else. I wish I could just bring him to work. Maybe if I stick him in my file cabinet no one will know?

Having the next few days/week all to me and Marsh won't be so bad. Somehow when Jerad is home everything is just messier... if it's just me once I clean something it stays that way. Plus I clean when I'm bored so I'm sure things will be spick and span in no time. Also, one less person to listen to snoring at 4am when I'm trying to get back to sleep before the alarm goes off doesn't sound bad either.

One more day to get through then 4 day weekend here I come!


Paige said...

I am being totally serious when I say this... I will watch marshall. It would actually be perfect. I could really use a part time job. I need something more, I think half of this funk that I am in is because now that hank is so independent, i don't have as much to do. Plus, we are starting to plan #2 so it would be good practice. Plus, I could still nurse him in a pinch :) Kind of kidding on that last one, unless of course your cool with it than I am.

But seriously, consider it. I would be thrilled to do it.

Steph said...

um, that would be AMAZING!

emailing you now:)