Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Bliss

Saturday we spent the majority of the day running around doing errands. Jerad gave Marshall and I the lovely cold he picked up so I decided to get a humidifier. How cute is this little guy?

Marshall chilled in the backyard while I hung up the diaper laundry.

When it finally cooled off in the evening, we spread a blanket out and played on the grass.

How adorable are these little toes????

Sunday, we all slept in until after 9. Amazing! Jerad decided to whip up some grilled peaches and oat pancakes and fresh squeezed OJ while Marshall and I went to the sore to pick up some syrup. I didn't think we'd have enough time to walk there and back before breakfast was done so I drove there, then stuck him in the Ergo and walked back. He loves taking walks:

When we got back, Marsh took a nap and Jerad and I feasted on this homemade yummy-ness:

After breakfast we got Marshall all dressed up for a day with Daddy and the boys:
Then we went to get my car and found this:


While Jerad and Marshall had boy time (fishing in Cayucos), I went to a cafe to read and sip an iced latte, thrift store shopping where I bought a ton of frames that I'm going to hopefully transform into something beautiful, cleaned the front of the house, mopped and dusted. Then I took a cat nap. It was so relaxing to have some alone time! For dinner we bbq'd fish.

Then a miracle happened. Marshall went to sleep at 6:30 and slept until 3am! Poor little guy. Having uninterrupted sleep is nice, but I can't go that long without pumping so I'm hoping it doesn't become the new thing.

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