Sunday, August 22, 2010

Excuse me while I cry into a pillow...

This was the last weekend we had together before I go back to working 10 hour shifts. By the time you add in lunch and driving to/from work, I'll be gone 11 hours a day. That is an insane amount of time to spend away from this cute little guy:

Btw, this is my new favorite onesie. It has a horse on the front and says "here a neigh, there a neigh, everywhere a neigh" then has this on the back:

The good news is I only work 4 days a week. I am so blessed that we were in a position where I was able to take off so much time. I keep trying to remind myself of that... but its still hard. I'm not the kind of person who would like to completely stay home, but I did love working the 1/2 shifts. It was the perfect blend of being at home, and still feeling like I was out doing something productive.

We thought about doing something fun before I go back, like going to the San Diego Zoo, or up to Monterey. Instead I decided I'd rather stay home and spend as much time with my boys as possible.

Saturday we went to a yard sale at Kari's house where we finally remembered to get a pic of Marshall and his buddy Joshua. They were born 4 days apart! Right now they don't seem too excited by each other, but I'm sure they'll be bff's someday:

We spent more of the rest of the day outside. Marshall is loving being outside these days.

At night we gave him a bath in the sink.

Up until the last few days he has been going to bed at 10 when we do, waking up once to nurse around 2 or 3am, then up for the day around 8 (unless its a work day and we wake him up at 5:30). This worked pretty well for us. Sometimes he would wake up more often during the night to eat, but I don't mind, I fall back to sleep easy plus he sleeps in bed with us so its not a big ordeal. That all came to an end sometime during the past few days though. Now he falls asleep around 6:30 or 7, doesn't wake till 3, then wakes up about every hour from then until 6am. I can deal with the frequent waking, but it breaks my little heart that he's going to bed so early... I feel like I'm not going to see him once I'm working full time again!

At least he's a happy boy in the morning.

Sunday we went out to brunch. Marshall isn't quite ready to sit in a high chair yet, but he can sit in the booth pretty well.

I can't believe how much he has grown in the last 4 months!

He is starting to develop such a personality. There are definitely things he likes (music, outdoors, books, baths) and things he doesn't like (cold, getting out of the carseat, and putting on clothes mostly).

After brunch, and a good nap, it was time to hang up the sheets for me

and nakey time for Marshall:

The necklace he is wearing is a baltic amber teething necklace. They help with teething pain and symptoms. He isn't cutting teeth yet, so I don't know how it helps with the pain, but it did cut his drool waaaaay down. Plus we think its freakin adorable.

Well I'm going to cuddle with my hubby and cry into the pillow about abandoning my baby to go back to work. Here's a good note to end on:

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Dixiechick said...

Your baby is adorable! Sorry I have been absent from reading your blog for so long! I will make it a point to catch up! Don't feel guilty about having to go back to is hard, at first, but you will get into a routine and it will get better. Don't think about the time you can't be with him, but look forward to the happiness on his little face when he gets to see you at the end of the day!