Saturday, November 20, 2010

What we've been eating

Lately we've been in kind of a cooking rut. We keep eating the same things over and over and spending way too much at the market. I decided to stop being lazy and do a little meal planning. I love Martha Stewart Every Day Food recipes because they are usually quick to make, and have easy to find ingredients which is perfect since we both work full time and don't have hours to devote to cooking.

Because I picked recipes that had a lot of ingredients in common, I was able to only spend $83 for the week. That included milk and a few other things we were out of, and mostly organic. We had all of the spices already so that saved a lot. We had leftover for lunches, and already had breakfast stuff. Usually we don't have meat every night, but that's just how it worked out this week.

Sunday: Greek Chicken Cutlets

This was such a great way to start off a week of new recipes! Delicious. Jerad doesn't usually like klamata olives, and even he gobbled this up. We made extra of the tomato/olive/feta mixture and tossed it with some romaine for a greek-ish salad, and each had a piece of sourdough bread toasted with some earth balance and garlic. This one will be going into our recipe rotation for sure.

Monday: Fast Chicken Fajitas

These were good. We normally have fajitas about once a week to use up any left-over veggies we have.

Tuesday: Broiled Salmon with Spinach-and-Feta Saute

This was another to die for recipe. I was too cheap to buy pine nuts for $8/bag so we omitted those. We also sliced some heirloom tomatoes, topped them with some mozzarella slices, basil, and cracked pepper and broiled them just long enough for the cheese to melt. If you've never had tomatoes this way I highly suggest it.

Wednesday: Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa

I think I could eat this every night for the rest of my life and die happy. I made some beans (kidney beans, onion, garlic, cumin, pepper, lime juice) and rice to go on the side. We turned the leftovers into burritos for lunch the following day.

Thursday: In n Out

Thursday we had dinner at Jerad's parent's house and they brought In n Out. I could also probably eat this every day and die happy:) We had been planning on making this, and made it for lunch on Saturday instead. We made a double batch and froze 1/2 for a night when we don't feel like cooking.

Friday: Emerils Fish Provencal

This was the big flop of the week. We used Mahi (I only wanted to buy 2 types of fish so I chose mahi and salmon), and substituted yellow squash for the zucchini. Jerad got a little excited with the black pepper and red pepper flakes and it was overpowering. It also was not filling enough to be a meal, you would definitely need some pasta or rice or something else. We won't be having this again.

Saturday: Baked Flounder with Roasted Tomatoes

This was good! We substituted Mahi for the flounder, and cottage cheese for the mayo (we both hate mayo). Along with the tomatoes we roasted the left over yellow squash we had.

Next week will be a weird food week because of Thanksgiving and then we're going to Arizona to see my grandparents for the weekend. Jerad might be working out of town a few days in the beginning of the week and if that happens I usually have soup, stir fried veggies, or something else that I can throw together and only get one pot dirty:)

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