Friday, January 21, 2011

Lazy Friday

Today Jerad had a Solar Consult in Oakhurst. We thought since he would be so close to Yosemite, we should have a little family camping trip. Then when 5am rolled around I Marshall decided that sleeping in and doing something more local over the weekend sounded more enjoyable.

Since the weather was once again gorgeous, Marsh and I headed to the park. We went once in the morning for 2 hours, then again in the afternoon for another 3. The first time we went we saw a friend and her 2 kids, and the second time Jerad's cousin and aunt saw us and stopped for a little visit. I love our little town!

Marshall never wears shoes. Partly because he isn't walking yet so he doesn't really need them, and partly because I'm lazy. I put a pair on him today since the grass is usually still wet in the morning. He thought they were some sort of weird toy. He did this for literally 30 minutes:

Then he crawled around and tried to chase kids and dogs until he was worn out. When we got home he took a 3 hour nap the first time, and a 2 hour nap the second time. Life is good!

Playing with the stroller wheels kept him busy for at least another 30 minutes. This kid LOVES wheels:

This weekend if it stays so nice we plan on going to the beach and to see the butterflies in Pismo. Maybe a little Taco Temple if we're feeling extra decadent.

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