Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dog Training

Our dogs are at an intensive 2 week off leash training program right now. They learn things like going into a down stay from 150 yards away then each one coming when recalled. Jerad and I keep joking that they are at summer camp because the place is beautiful and when they aren't training they are playing with other dogs and getting to run around and just have a good ol' time.

Its been a nice break not having to take care of them the past few days, but I've been missing them too.

I left a voice mail for the trainer checking in on how they are doing, and he texted me back this morning saying "dogs are great!" and this picture:

Look at all that space, they must be in heaven!

We go hiking, camping, to the lake, and to the dog beach so its pretty imperative that they have good off (and on) leash control. Plus I think dogs are just happier when they are well trained and know what they are supposed to be doing! Both Buddy and Bailey have had a lot of training but when we rescued Wyatt we pretty much taught him to sit then dropped the ball. They all walk well on the leash separately, but forget about trying to walk them all together. The trainer promised when they come home I'll be able to walk all of them at the same time which sounds perfect now that the days are getting longer.

Lets see if I can manage 3 dogs and a jogging stroller!

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