Thursday, March 17, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Today I was talking to a friend that doesn't have any kids yet. She wants a family, but is terrified because of all the horror stories people keep telling her about how after you have children you will perpetually be covered in vomit, be peed on, and never have a time to shower.

I'll admit, that doesn't sound appealing. I wouldn't sign up for that either.

For the record, Marshall is now 10.5 months and I have never been peed/pooped/vomited on. I don't think its a one-size-fits-all babies thing. Just like with being pregnant; not everyone is going to throw up and crave pickles all the time (I didn't throw up once during pregnancy... so its possible).

You've all seen that movie preview where Katherine Heigl has poop on her face and doesn't even realize it. Either I am in denial, or stuff like that doesn't normally happen and is just put in movies for entertainment value.

Its also not true that once you have kids you stop being able to shower or wear anything except pj's and Uggs. Flip flops and yoga pants are a perfect alternative! Kidding. I have quite a few friends that are stay at home moms that are still stylish, showered, and gussied up daily.

Everyone talks about the post partum greasy hair haven't showered in a week phase.

I promise you, you will be able to find 10 minutes in the day to shower.

I'm not trying to say having a baby is always a glamorous job and that butterflys and unicorns will float down from heaven to brighten your day. BUT, I also don't think anyone should ever have to put off having a family for fear of being constantly puked on.


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misguided mommy said...

wtf...I STILL GET POOP ON ME. And I still can't pee alone. What is going on here? You have it way too easy, there must have been something good in your breastmilk because my kids don't ever let me have quiet time....I love the little fuckers to death though, I wouldn't trade the poop for nothin!