Monday, September 10, 2012

Potty Training Update

Well, its been a week and a half and things are going great! Marshall has only had one accident at school (his first day back). Most days he stays completely dry at home as well. He's wet the bed twice but both times were kind of our fault for playing the "it's your turn to get up with him" game, but otherwise he has been sleeping 11ish hours at night with no pullup/diaper and waking up dry! He stays dry through naps as well.

We've been running errands, visiting friends, playing outside all with no accidents. Yesterday we even spent 6 hours at a waterpark and as far as I know he didn't have any accidents. I mean, I suppose he could have peed in the pool but he did go in the toilet every time we took him.

Since it looks like it's sticking and he's out of diapers, I celebrated by buying him some cute little boy underwear. I'm not a huge fan of the crazy busy looking character ones they have at Walmart/Target (plus he doesn't watch those shows) and for the training had ordered some plain white and solid colored ones on Amazon. I wanted something "cute" so I got these online at Gymboree:

Also some cute whale ones that aren't on the site anymore. The lobsters are my favorite! They were all regularly $5.95 each (seriously?), on sale for $2.99ea, then I had a coupon for 30% off and found a code for free shipping. Not too bad! They also run smaller than the others we had so they actually fit him!

I've got to say, at this point "potty trained" is MUCH more stressful than having 2 in diapers:)

Before, as long as he was content I'd let him play in his room a little before and after naps and bedtime. If he woke up in the morning and wanted to occupy himself, GREAT! We could sleep in! Now we're sleeping with the baby monitor turned way up and we run in there the second he moves. Whenever we go out I am reminding him that if he needs to go to the bathroom to tell me. Then I have to find a bathroom, wait for him to go, help him with his pants, help him wash his hands... all usually while juggling Miller.

I think most of the problem is in my head, it's like I'm just waiting for some huge traumatizing accident to happen while we're in public. Its like when Miller was first born and Jerad would ask me how the day went and I'm tell him "we went to the park and OMG, it was sooo stressful." Then he'd ask me why and I'd be like "well the whole time I kept thinking Miller was going to wake up and be hungry and scream and then Marshall would run away or not cooperate with getting back in the car and everyone will look at me like I'm a horrible person who can't take care of my kids." And he'd be like "well did that happen?" And I'd realize that no, he actually slept the whole time and Marshall had fun but still... So.Stressful.

Now I imagine that we go somewhere and Marshall has a huge poop accident (which has never happened btw), and I don't have any babywipes or a change of clothes, and the bathroom is out of order, and Miller and him are both screaming and I have to abandon the cart and never show my face in the store again.

So basically I just make up random imaginary scenarios to stress myself out since apparently real life isn't spicy enough. I should probably knock that off.


KelBel said...

I'MTHESAMEXACTWAY!!! I totally stress myself out over scenarios.

Steph said...

Glad I'm not the only one:) I usually just peer pressure myself out of it. "If labor was so bad, people wouldn't have multiple children." "If mom's with 4 kids can do this, so can I." "People who run daycares keep there houses clean, I can manage with 2" "Army wives live without their husbands for months at a time, I can handle a week" etc. So far that attitude has worked for the most part:)