Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still Alive

Obviously I haven't been doing very good at posting lately. So here comes a boring recap, I'll try to post some cute pictures of the kids soon.

There isn't too much that's new, yet I feel we are busy ALL THE TIME! Jerad's business is doing great. He literally doesn't have time for all the work he has lined up which is awesome on the one hand because we are still catching up from having a baby, me not working the first three months of the year, and him not really working the second three months. But also having so much work means so little time. There are projects around the house that we need to finish, and more that we'd like to start.

Miller. Oh Miller.... my difficult second child. In the last month he has decided to abruptly stop nursing completely (I'll blog about that one later) which means I am now exclusively pumping. And boy, that's a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Did I mention I have two kids ages 2 and under and a husband that is working all the time? He also has a rash that we think is from a food allergy, but haven't been able to nail down exactly what yet. Also not fun. So he is grumpy and itchy and not sleeping well and literally nothing we have tried has helped. Awesome.

Marshall is LOVING preschool. He would probably move there if he could. All the teachers gush about him and how smart is is. The potty training totally stuck, and he's still only had the one accident while at school. Its finally getting less stressful and I'm comfortable leaving him alone playing for long periods of time and we don't have to jump out of bed the second he wakes up in the morning. Only washing 1/2 the diapers has been so nice. One of these days I might actually even get caught back up on laundry:)

To make up for the difference in having to pay for preschool in addition to the nanny for Miller I picked up an extra 4 hours a week at work. Tuesday and Wednesday I now work 7-3 when I had been getting off at 1:00. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but honestly I got a ton of stuff done in those 2 hours as far as taking the kids fun places and running errands. I'm really missing them. To make up the rest of the difference (both nannies and Montessori are pretty expensive:) I also fired our housekeeper. That one I'm REALLY missing. She came once every two weeks and would do all the stuff I didn't like doing like washing baseboards, dusting light fixtures, ceiling fans, cleaning the oven etc. Obviously I still had to clean but it really was a huge help and my favorite luxury. Oh well, maybe again someday! We're trying to just save save save so that it won't be stressful when Jerad's work inevitably slows down, and in hope that once we do have more time we'll be able to afford some bigger projects like completely re-landscaping, remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, and hard wood flooring.

I am so ready for a change of seasons. I'm waiting not-so-patiently for the chillier Fall weather to start. I like Fall, but I LOVE winter and especially all the Christmas parties and we already have a ton lined up this year. I can't wait to decorate, and do Christmas Crafts, and listen to Christmas music. It'll also be nice not being hugely pregnant through the holidays this year. Although, that means it's also almost time for Miller's 1st birthday which I am not at all emotionally prepared for.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have his party in January which will be easier for everyone's schedules and also kind of keeps him a baby for one month longer.

Today is my "Friday" so I'm counting down the minutes until I can go home. Tomorrow morning we have a play and craft date at a friend's house, Saturday Jerad is taking Marshall to the Air Show while Mills and I put up some fall decorations, then Sunday we're having a family dinner at his parents house. The weekends just fly by!

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