Sunday, October 7, 2012

Because what else could go wrong.

So to add to the awesomeness that my life has been lately, I have Shingles. I thought only older people or people with really compromised immune systems could get it, but apparently extreme stress can also cause it. AWESOME. The icing on the cake will be when my kids catch chicken pox. I keep joking/lamenting that the plague has descended upon us.

Actually, it's not *that* bad. I have a pretty mild case. It hurts like hell, but the shingles areas (or whatever they're called) are pretty small so its not like my face is burning off like the people in Google Images are. Google it... I dare you. I've been taking daily picture updates but I'll spare you. I like to send them to my sister just to ruin her life. My biggest spot is about the size of a $.50 piece. And the doctor said the chances of the kids catching chicken pox from me are really really slim because they'd have to have contact with an open sore so as long as I keep everything covered up and wash my hands they should be fine. I'm also being extra cautious and washing my towels/sheets/clothes daily in hot water.

She (doctor) recommended really resting over the weekend which I have been and it's been amazing. I always have a tendency to over-do things and I have been stressed out and so tired so a few days of R&R sounded wonderful. It'd be more wonderful if I didn't feel like some of my skin was being soaked in acid then rubbed with sand paper while being sliced with razor blades but I'll take what I can get. Jerad is holding down the fort and doing all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and baby wrangling solo. Well, in theory he is. Our house looks pretty bad but he's trying.

I think he's going to appreciate me a little more at the end of this little ordeal.

My skin was red and painful on Wednesday, the first spot showed up on Thursday, Friday it was a little worse but livable, then the last 2 days have been the worst. Hopefully I'm on the mend now. For some people the outbreaks can last over a month! The doctor said to expect 1-3 weeks so of course I'm counting on 1. I go back to work tomorrow so preferably I'm feeling a little better by then.

The good news (besides the fact that I've slept and been pampered more in the last 2 days than the prior 9 months) is that I have some time to update this little ol' blog! So, I'll go through my pictures and schedule some "catching up" posts for the rest of the week.

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KelBel said...

Booo! I'm so sorry! I had shingles when I was a teenager, ALLLL over my stomach, and it was horrible. I feel so sorry for you right now :(