Sunday, October 28, 2012

Such a Shitty Day

So, usually I try to put an optimistic spin on things, but really today has just been baaaaad.

I haven't had time to write about this yet, but Miller has completely refused to nurse anymore so I am now exclusively pumping so that he can continue to have breast-milk. In addition to that lovely little development he also has food allergies that we can't figure out so for the past few months he has had horrible itchy hives that range from just slightly pathetic to full on burn victim looking.

That's just some backstory so that I can explain why today has been so sucky.

Last night I went to bed late because I was waiting for the dryer to finish because I was washing and changing all of our sheets/blankets/comforter. Usually I do that on Friday but the kids have been sickish, then I went out with a girlfriend to dinner and a haunted house thing Saturday night so I got a late start. Normally I do the sheets weekly, then the blankets and comforter once a month. It was time to do them all. Since we now have a king sized bed I can't fit everything in one load and it takes forever. Finally everything was done and I fell asleep on nice clean sheets. Then, it took me three hours to fall asleep after my 2:30am pumping session. No idea why... I just laid there tossing and turning until about 5:30. At 6am Miller woke up so Jerad brought him in our bed and gave him a bottle. He drank it then was being incredibly cute, laughing and bouncing all around... which caused him to barf all 6 ounces back up all over the newly washed sheets/blankets/comforter and all in my hair. He then promptly went back to sleep.

Since I was already so exhausted I decided the best course of action was to throw towels over the sheets, wrap another one around my hair, then go back to sleep. Not my finest moment but there you go.

Jerad let me sleep in which was amazing, but then when I woke up we were in a mad rush to re-wash everything and get out the door to the Santa Margarita Giddy Up Roundup train day. We got there and the kids were having a pretty god time until Miller somehow got a bite of the Kettle Corn treat Marshall was eating. He almost immediately stared breaking out in new hives on his face and body and was a hot, itchy, grumpy mess and fussed most of the rest o the time we were there.

When we got home neither kid wanted to nap but I put Marshall in his room to play so that I could get the next round of laundry going. He then had diarrhea accident (damn you kettle corn, I should have known better!) that was intense enough that we contemplated just ripping out the carpet and putting in new flooring. Instead Jerad cleaned it up as much as he could (oh how I love that man) and then rented a carpet cleaner tp make sure it was really clean.

Since we were already paying for the carpet cleaner we decided to do the rest of the house because the carpets are old and overdue for a cleaning and.... 6 hours later Jerad is still working on it. I always forget how massive our house is until we do something like this. Ugh. Anyways, its almost 10pm and I JUST got Miller to sleep. He was too itchy and miserable and finally passed out from exhaustion. Now I just need to remake the bed and pack the 600 various bags we need for lunches/work/school/pumping/the nanny. Oi.

And of course... OF COURSE... we also are completely out of alcohol so there isn't even the option of sitting down with a glass of wine at the end of this craptastic day.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that the carpet is looking pretty good  and I got some cute pictures of the kids at the train thing (which I will post seperately so years from now when I look back I will hopefully not remember the rest of this day). Anyways... hope your day was better than mine!

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TheCowans said...

I'm sorry Steph! Days like that make me glad the next day is new!! Hope this week goes better... and next time I would crawl my ass to the liquor store!! :)