Friday, October 12, 2012

Catching Up: Air Show and Crafting

Jerad took Marshall on a little boys trip to the Air Show. They met up with his friend Steve who Mars is obsessed with so it was a double reward. While they were watching the show, Marshall made a new friend. He was apparently hugging him and talking and talking.

After the show it was time to check out some of the planes:

I love how scandalized he looks in the next shot:

The highlight of the afternoon was when they all went on a 20 minute helicopter ride! Marshall LOVED it and still talks about going "way upinda SKYYYYYY."

Meanwhile since I only had Mills, I was able to work on and finish up some craft projects! Lucky for me they were gone 6 hours and Miller took a long nap:)

I painted the door red, spray painted the handle Oil Rubbed Bronzed, and added a "Welcome" message. I thought it would be a quick project but it ended up being a HUGE PITA. Oh well, I like it now that it's finished. I also re-did some landscaping, and salvaged and repainted an old milk crate from our backyard, hung some chalkboards Jerad make, and made a few wooden signs. Some of these projects I had already started but I finally had time to finish them.

Love this Pinterest inspired sign! It's big. About 3ft square.

And this one for above the mantle:

I'm not happy with the spacing and placement of the words but still... its cute. Now I just need to finish the mantle!

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misguided mommy said...

Hi. Please come craft my house next mkay! I want a red door, and painted wood and all of the same stuff.