Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catching Up: "Camping"

We've been meaning to take the kids camping all summer. Then we decided that it was probably a far stretch to think that we'd actually have very much fun with a crawling baby, rambunctious toddler, and 3 dogs. So, for this year Jerad opted to take Marshall "camping" in the yard instead. They set up a tent, bbq'd and ate outside, and played with flashlights until Marshall finally passed out around midnight.

Marshall had so much fun that instead of taking the tent down, we moved it into our front living room for a week.

They both thought this was The Most Awesomest Thing Ever.

By the end of the week there was furniture and blankets in there and Marshall was begging for "breakfast in the tent." If they were awake, they wanted to be in the tent.

I probably would have left it up longer, but even though its our smallest tent, it takes up a serious amount of space. That's a queen size air-mattress and a pretty big chair in there.

It didn't take Marshall long to teach Miller to climb from the ground, to the air mattress, to the chair, then turn around and fling himself back on the mattress to bounce.

They seriously loved this! I'll probably bring it back out when it gets rainy and hard to keep them occupied inside.

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