Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nursery Dreaming

Well, now that I know I'm having a girl I reeeaally want to get started on the nursery. Obviously I'm not due for another 20 weeks and in all honesty it'll probably be at LEAST 4-6 months after that until little Miss Thing even takes a nap in the crib and a few months after that (if we're lucky) that she actually sleeps in there. So in reality there is no rush. BUT... I don't know, there's just something about a finished baby space that makes it seem like "this is really happening."

There's just something so fun about decorating kid's spaces! I had so much fun doing Marshall's nursery, then changing it up again and making it more child-centered at 7 months, then decorating his room at our new house. Then of course doing Miller's nursery as well. We also Montessoried (I'm declaring it a word) Miller's room around 8 months but it looks like I never blogged that one.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to doing another baby space. Right now the kids both sleep fantastically at night. As long as they're in their own beds. In their own rooms. So we're not in any hurry to move them in together and possibly mess with a good thing. Our house has 4 bedrooms, but one is downstairs and besides that being too far away to put one of the boys, I like having it as a guest room. So it looks like baby girl gets to move into our closet. In a lot of ways it's perfect; its a small space but big enough for a crib, some shelves and a dresser to hold her things, it's obviously close to our room, and its far enough from the kid's rooms that she shouldn't wake them up at night. Also the way our closet is set up is not at all practical and we've been talking about taking everything out and building customized shelving and repainting since before we bought the house so this will be the push we need! Once the space starts seeming too small for her or it looks like we can put two kids together and everyone will still sleep, we'll move her out and be left with a nicely painted closet that's all ready for shelves and closet poles.

The plan is to move our clothes into Miller's closet which is now empty since I moved his clothes into the same dresser as Marshall's and put it in the living room. This should only inconvenience me since Jerad gets 99% of his clothes from his dresser and only wears the hanging stuff for special occasions. I'm fine with having to walk a few extra feet in the morning to get my clothes or maybe I'll even learn to be on top of things and pick out my outfits the night before and move them to our room!

It should be a pretty budget makeover. I'm hoping to do the whole room for $150. That's just a random number that I pulled out of thin air so we'll see. We still have Miller's crib and mattress, a glider (that I'm not sure will fit or if I even want it in there), and an extra dresser. I'd like to put bead-board on the ceiling, and a new light fixture. I'd love there to be some natural light so we're thinking of either putting in a solar tube (which would cost around $200 and is not included in the budget), or framing out a window in the back wall which would open onto our staircase.

Here's a few inspiration pics I'm loving:

I'd like the colors to be aqua, white, yellow, and of course pink. The crib is currently yellow and I'm thinking of leaving it that way, otherwise I'll paint it a nice bright pink.

I love the blue crib bedding set we have, but I don't think it'll look great with the aqua walls so I'm thinking of buying or making something pink instead. I'd LOVE something like this:

Here are a few pieces of wall art or hanging mobiles that have caught my eye. I'll probably try to DIY something similiar:

You can find all the sources on my "baby girl" pinterest board. Along with a whoooole lotts other cute girl things.

Even though I'm DYING to start on the nursery, I'm trying to hold firm about us finishing up other projects first, especially the built-in and our laundry room. Jerad made a lot of progress on the built-in over the weekend so maybe it won't be too far off after all!

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