Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sick Day

Our nanny texted me this morning saying she had the stomach flu and wouldn't be able to watch the kids. I 100% understand, but today was kind of a horrible day for me to miss work because I had a bazillion things to do and another coworker is off as well. My department only has three people in it so now my other coworker is stuck with everything... whoops! I felt guilty for about 30 seconds then started getting super excited about having the day off. Jerad had a 9:30 am meeting in San Luis so he could only watch the kids till right before 9. There were a few things I did have to get done so I went in at 6:30 and worked for two hours this morning. When I came home at 8:45 the kids were fed, breakfast was cleaned up and the washing machine and dishwasher were running. The house is relatively clean, the kids are in happy moods and entertaining themselves and since I don't work Friday's, now I get a 4 day weekend! Annnd today I should be able to get a lot of chores done that I usually am stuck doing on Friday so tomorrow will be a better day too.

Thursday is my least favorite day of the week and the one that always makes me want to quit my job and be a stay at home mom. The kids are usually fried by this point and still sleeping when I leave for work. I leave the house at 6:45, am at work for 10.5 hours (it's one of my two long days), and its almost 6pm by the time I get home. My mom comes over around 4 to relieve the nanny and by the time I get home the house is trashed, the kids are starving (we usually eat dinner around 5 or 5:30), and since Jerad usually ends up working late on Thursdays I have a little over an hour to get the boys fed, bathed, and in bed. It's the only time my mom gets to see them so I don't want to ask her to spend the time picking up or making dinner.

By the time I get home, I'm exhausted from working all day, barely get to see the boys before its their bed time, and the time we are together is not usually nice quality time. Then when they finally are in bed I have to clean up the dinner mess, toys, and start some laundry that is usually behind. The first time I sit down is usually 8:30pm which is just annoying and hard.

All that whining to say, I usually hate Thursdays and am looking forward to spending this one at home! I'm catching up on blogs and sipping tea while the kids are playing trains and we're going to leave for the Children's Museum when it opens at 11. I thought about taking them to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today but I knew Jerad would be bummed if we went without him and its a 2 hour drive each way so it would take up most of our day and cost a lot in gas.

I'm planning on a mostly lazy afternoon and have some fun Pinterest inspired activities for the kids later. Yeay for long weekends!

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