Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life with Emery, weeks 2-4

By week 2 things were back to our normal crazy.

LOVE this outfit:
 We went to a birthday party and go all three kids in the back of Jerad's truck:

Miller was a huge fan of the bounce house:

Emery prefered to take all naps on my chest:

The boys like to share their toys:

Such a grump in this one:

3 weeks!:

Sleepy snuggles:

The boys and I made homemade playdough:

Lots of walks around the neighborhood:

Toothpicks in Magic Clay:

Double chins:

Emery got Thrush and a gentian violet treatment:

And started smiling (although it was impossible to get a picture of):

We took the kids out to frozen yogurt for a special treat. Marshall was in HEAVEN and Mill Mills acted like it was poison:

Miller, who never really took a pacifier, began to steal Emmy's:

Art projects:

Snuggles in my bed:

4 weeks!

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