Monday, October 14, 2013

First Pumpkin Farm Trip

Alright, bear with me I'm trying this from my phone.

Yesterday we had our first Pumpkin Farm outing of the season. I can't believe it's taken us half of October to do this! I've been looking forward to taking the boys for MONTHS. So has Jerad. I wanted us to all go together and this was the first time it worked out. 

I was supposed to be going to a baby shower and Jerad was going to watch all the kids but I felt awful and Marshall woke up with a cold so we decided to just have a family day. We went to Jack Creek Farms, which is owned by family friends of ours. It's small and close and we weren't sure how long Marshall would hold out so it seemed like the perfect choice. 

They had a wooden train which the boys loved:)

And a hay maze, goats, and huge mountain of hay to climb.

They had fun, but the Granny's Gardens at San Marcos Ranch is still my favorite and has a lot more to do. This year there is a new HUGE pumpkin farm in SLO that we can't wait to visit too.

While the kids slept Jerad worked on cleaning out the garage and my car which had gotten pretty ridiculous. After naps Marshall woke up with a 102 fever, poor bear. As soon as it got dark we surprised the boys with a box of sparklers Jerad discovered under one of my car seats (it had seriously been awhile since I'd cleaned it haha).

They had a blast!

They both woke up chattering about fireworks so I'd call it a success:) 

Well, I don't see a way on this phone app to size or position the pictures so I'm not sure what this will look like. Sorry! 

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