Friday, April 8, 2011

Favorite Toys

We try to keep the toys to a minimum over here. I don't have a problem with kid toys per se, I just want to avoid our house looking like this:

(photo from here)

I feel like when it comes to toys, less is more and I want Marshall to be able to clearly find and enjoy the things he does have. I have a box of toys in his closet and I try to rotate them and put out new things as the novelty of the current ones wears off. I also move his toys and books from room to room, because sometimes a bead maze in his bedroom is boring, but put it in the office and suddenly it becomes The Best Thing Ever.

Honestly, I don't know why I make the effort, because his favorite things aren't even "toys" at all.

This is what he's been obsessed with for the past few weeks:

That would be an acorn squash. I bought it to roast, and the little thief nabbed it and hasn't stopped rolling it around ever since.

His other current obsession are coffee cans with a few beans in them.

He bats and chases them around the house. Its pretty amusing.

Other favorite "non toys" have been a sea shell that he pushes like a car, a bag of wooden clothes pins, and when I saved up empty toilet paper rolls and filled a small basket with them. I'm trying to enjoy his easy to please attitude now before he starts begging for Thomas the Tank Engine or whatever it is kids are into these days.

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