Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well, packing is officially underway! This is where we were at as of last weekend:

20 boxes. 15 medium, 5 large. And it sure doesn't seem like there is any less stuff on our house. We packed a lot of the kitchen, leaving service for 4, only a skillet and 2 different sized pots, then the knives and some cooking utensils. I've probably opened an empty drawer looking for something I "need" about 50 times now. That said I kind of like it.

We also packed a bunch of clothes, all the extra linens, and all my craft stuff. We're trying to get as much done now as we can before Jerad ends up out of town and I'm stuck packing on my own (ya, not gonna happen).

Since then we've packed another 5 boxes of house stuff, and worked in the basement.

Besides the ginormous amount of stuff we have in the house, we also have a basement. I'm thinking maybe we'll just seal the door shut and leave our stuff down there for some future owner to find. Bad idea? Its kind of the place where we throw things that we're "planning on dealing with later." And where Jerad keeps all his tools. Not a pretty sight.

In the meantime we're filling the office/spare room with boxes which means that the couch and a chair that were in there are now in our living room. I feel like we should have a party because we have seating for about 75 right now:

I have a goal of packing 10 boxes during the work week, then 20 each weekend plus spending 2 hours each weekend in the basement. We only have 3 weeks till closing (no exact date yet), so hopefully this plan will save us from being overloaded at the last minute.

In the next three weeks, besides dealing with all the stuff that comes with the home buying process, and trying to pack up this house, we have Easter, a family dinner, a guy's target shooting trip, Marshall's b-day, a baby shower, a wedding, 2 other birthdays, and a 3 day sales seminar at my job. Not to mention as usual, Jerad has more work than he can handle.

Wish us luck.

(you didn't think I'd leave you without a Marshall pic did you? :)

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Beth McDermott said...

Im going to miss your cute house! xo Let us know when you need help.