Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm still here...

I haven't actually fallen off the planet.

Life is moving by at lightening speed lately. We've had our house appraisal and inspections. I have a million pictures to share once I have enough time to actually put them on my computer. Packing is... not really happening. We've made some more progress but its hard to find the motivation after working all day long. All I want to do is go to sleep after we put Marshall to bed. Too bad we don't have time to sleep.

I had a dream a few nights ago that we moved the things we really wanted out of our house, then lit the house on fire so we wouldn't have to deal with the other stuff. My subconscious isn't very subtle apparently. Maybe I shouldn't have written that down because now when I DO torch our house in a fit of rage and desperation there is proof that it was pre-meditated. Hmm.

Jerad has more work lined up than he has time to actually do it. Its awesome because it looks like we'll be able to do some things to the new house sooner than we thought we could, but not awesome because he doesn't have a moment of free time. He also has a project coming up in Pasadena that will last at least a month, and maybe as long as three months. He'll come home on the weekends but its still going to be hard.

Marshall is getting cuter by the minute. He is talking sooooo much! He says so many things now. His favorite things to "talk about" are the lights, doggies, and daddy and he starts blabbing all about them as soon as his eyes pop open in the morning. He's learning body parts and colors and can pick out orange and blue. He's starting to "sing" along with Jerad or the radio. So far it doesn't look like he's inherited Jerad's singing talent, he is definitely tone deaf like his mother. He's going through a phase of wanting to sleep with us again which is nice because we don't have to take turns getting out of bed when he wakes up now. He is thisclose to walking. Lord help us.

His birthday party is about 1.5 weeks away and I've done nothing to prepare for it except for inviting about 40 people to our house. Our disaster house that we will be moving out of about a week after the party. Hmm. What is there to do but laugh about it right?

The next few weeks are going to be stressful because we have social commitments literally every day of every weekend, plus we're working like crazy, plus doing the whole moving and home buying thing. Add a toddling baby, 3 crazy dogs, and a needy cat to the mix and we may be checking ourselves into a psych ward soon. Somehow we'll make it and hopefully find time to enjoy ourselves in the meantime.

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