Tuesday, May 3, 2011

12 months

Well, we officially made it one year! Every day, week, month so far I've been waiting for the ball to drop and Marshall to become the high needs baby I knew I'd have. The one that can't be soothed, needs constant attention, won't sleep, is picky about foods, doesn't like noises, can't be put down... seriously, every month I've been like "this is it, it's finally going to get difficult."

After a year I am finally ready to relax and just be thankful for our chill little guy. I have no idea what we did to deserve this little miracle but boy am I thankful. He fit right into our lives like it was meant to be, and I'm sure it was. There have been times where it has been more challenging, but a nap, spending some time outside, or going shopping and getting to ride in the cart has always been able to turn this little guy's frown upside down.

Which is perfect because those are exactly the things *I* like to do when I'm in a funk.

In one year we have not had one sleepless night. The worst was when we went to Arnold last Christmas he woke up every 1.5 hours, but he always fell right back to sleep. And in my mind that doesn't even count because it was a weird and new environment. Seriously, who lucks out like that?

In one year he hasn't been sick except for a sniffle for a few days.

Jerad and I have had so much fun raising Marshall so far that we've been talking about baby #2 for months... but we are both convinced that the next time around it's going to be much more difficult which keeps us from being too gung ho.

Every day Marshall displays a little more personality. He's just a freakin goof ball. He makes these outrageous faces and noises and does things to purposefully make us laugh.

He is talking so much. The second he wakes up its all about the doggies and daddy and the light. Besides those words he is saying mama, bite, drink, ball, on, fan, all done, bye bye, hi there, kitty, and probably a few others I'm forgetting. He likes to point at everything and ask "dat?"

When we say something he doesn't understand, he says "eh?" like an old man and makes this face:

He still loves baths, showers, or water any way he can get it. Its hard to take a shower alone if he's awake because he'll just beat on the door yelling "hi?" "in?" "mama?" until we give in and let him play in the bottom.

He is obsessed with books lately. He likes hearing us read them, and loves turning the pages himself. He will sit in his chair by the window and pull all his little board books off one by one and "read" them while I clean the kitchen.

He is super lovey, always giving us kisses, kissing his toys, and making out with the baby in the mirror. When I lay with him in his bed he pats and rubs my arm and melts my heart.

He has taken a few steps here and there, but doesn't seem to understand that he can actually walk.

He loves drinking out of regular or straw cups and pretty much refuses all bottles now. We're still breastfeeding, but he is eating a full 3 meals and usually a snack or 2 per day. This kid will eat anything. Vietnamese, sushi, thai, fish, Mexican. No baby food here, the more flavorful the better!

This last year has been so fun and rewarding. As soon as you have a baby everyone tells you "the time goes so fast" and oh my, is that ever true. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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