Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The kid who'll eat anything...

Its been so roasty toasty lately we decided to buy Marshall a kiddie pool to play in. Water, being outside, and being naked are basically his favorite things in the world so the pool is a winning combo.

Since we live by a pond we have a ton of baby frogs in our yard right now. Jerad thought it'd be hilarious to throw a couple in with the baby to see what he'd do. Apparently what he will do is catch one (how? those suckers are FAST!), squeeze it, then pop it in his mouth.

I just about lost my shit.

I may or may not have screamed, and ran in the house threatening to never come out until Jerad delt with it. Freakin sick.

Luckily no babies or frogs were harmed. But.... ewe.

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