Tuesday, July 5, 2011

16 weeks

I had my 16 week midwife apt last Thursday. The baby's heartbeat was 150 bpm, which is a little higher than Marshall's, but it will slow down as I get farther along. I'm measuring right on schedule, and there's really nothing exciting to report. Basically, everything is the same as last time. I've had some headaches, round ligament pain, exhaustion, and a little nausea, but for the most part its been smooth sailing yet again.

The big difference between this pregnancy and the last one, is time. Or lack thereof. When I was pregnant with Marshall, when I got home or on the weekends if I was tired I could take a nap. This time I have to wait until he's in bed and by then I decide to forgo the nap so I can get a few things done. When I was pregnant with Marshall I was super careful about what and when I ate. I would plan out the day's meals and make sure I was eating a little protein every couple of hours. I still do a good job of doing that at work, but during my three days off there is no way I remember (or have time!) to snack so I get nauseous a lot more. Still, there's only been one day where I've actually thrown up so I consider myself pretty lucky.

I think I'm finally starting to get some energy back. The past few days I haven't felt like I've needed 23 hours of sleep and have actually gotten a few projects done around the house.

The nice thing about not being able to focus as much on this pregnancy is that it is flying by. I'm almost 17 weeks already. We can find out the sex of the baby in less than a month, yikes!

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