Monday, July 18, 2011

On my own again

Jerad is out of town this week. He left at 3:30am (ouch!) this morning. Tonight was actually a perfect night as far as being alone goes. Marshall was in a great mood and was happy to entertain himself while I heated up dinner and cleaned the pots that I'd left soaking the night before. Normally dinner's while Jerad are gone are kind of a scramble. This time we got smart and made a bunch of food in advance and portioned it out so that I just had to throw it in the oven to warm up. Did I ever mention we don't have a microwave? Or Satellite/cable.... yes, we're "those" people.

I steamed carrots, broccoli, peas, asparagus, and onions and mixed them into some brown rice pasta, added some coconut oil, chicken breast, cheese, and a little bit of home made tomato sauce. Marshall loves it and its great to just be able to throw a portion in the oven. He loves "helping" me cook, but not when he's already getting hungry and tired. I also mashed potatoes mixed with carrots, raw milk, coconut oil, shredded chicken with a little cheese on the top, then another batch of potatoes with raw milk, coconut oil, bacon, broccoli and cheese. Its not the biggest variety of foods or flavors, but it should get us through the next 4 days. Half the time Jerad is gone "dinner" ends up being a cheese stick, piece of fruit, and whole grain toast with almond butter.

After I fed Marshall dinner we played fetch with the dogs, fed the cat, then he played in the bath while I cleaned the bathroom. That's been on my to-do list for awhile. The bathroom right by his room is hard to clean when he's awake (he wants to "help" by swimming in the toilet), and hard when he's asleep because he hears me and wants to party. We put on jammies, read a few books, and he got in bed and was out by 7:30. Once he was asleep I made myself dinner (chicken breast and caprese salad), threw the diapers in the wash, cleaned the kitchen, and watched an episode of Teen Mom. Now it looks like I'm going to go to bed before 9:30 which is AWESOME because I just can't get enough sleep lately.

Sometimes when Jerad is gone things just get so hectic. Weekends are fine, cake even. But the days when I work I have to get up extra early to make sure everything is loaded and drop off Marshall at my mom's before work, then after working all day I basically have an hour to get home, feed all the animals, cook and feed Marshall, give him a bath and get him to bed. So its suuuper nice when everything falls into place.

Here's to hoping he sleeps through the night and the rest of the week is smooth sailing too! I finally uploaded pics of our new house so I'll try to post those tomorrow:)


Lawrence Hart said...

I like the new look to the blog. Those dinners also sound great to me. I know I couldn't take care of a kid by myself. That pooky book has already gotten old. Keep up the good work.

Steph said...

Yeah... I MIGHT have hidden the Pookie book:) This is the other one he's obsessed with:

It gets old reading it 509 times in a row, but at least its a good story:)