Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last night was smooth sailing....

.... NOT.

I went to bed about 9:30 and woke up at 10:30 to what sounded like someone pounding on the front door. It was Mao, our 18 pound cat, climbing up the screen trying to get in the house. I let him in and went back to bed.

At 11:40pm I woke up to Marshall SCREAMING bloody murder. Most of the times he sleeps through the night, but sometimes he still wakes up. If he does wake up, he usually stays in his bed and fusses or calls out "DaDa DAAAAAAA" (heh, hence why Jerad deals with most of the night wakings) till one of us cuddles or feeds him, then he passes right back out. He doesn't usually scream. And never is awake more than 5 minutes. I think maybe he had a nightmare? Anyways, I went in his room and tried everything to calm him down... for an hour. I fed him, we cuddled, I changed him, I layed in bed with him, I held him and walked around his room, we turned on the lights and played... no matter what I did he would sob and cry. Finally at about 12:45am he calmed down and passed out.

At 2:15am Wyatt started going bat-shit-crazy because there was a raccoon in our backyard. Usually the dogs sleep in the house or garage, but Wyatt hadn't wanted to come in so I'd left him outside. I guess it was a good thing cause the racoon probably would have knocked over all the trash cans and then I'd have had to deal with that.

Then at 5:00am the alarm went off and it was time to start getting ready for the day :(

I think all of the pets and the baby get together and decide to conspire against me when Jerad goes out of town. Seriously, occasionally ONE of them will wake us up. But all of them? In the same night? Not cool. Oh well, I guess it's just preparing me for having a newborn again.

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