Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our New House

Hmm, now that we've been in the new house for 2 months maybe its time to share some pictures? Consider these "before" photos. They were taken during our home inspection so the previous owners were about 1/2 way moved out and things are kind of a mess.

Front of the house:

Living Room:

(looking at the front door)

Through the Living Room is the Dining Room:

Directly behind the Dining Room is the Kitchen:

To the left of the Dining Room are the stairs:

And on the other side of the Dining Room is the Family Room:

You can enter the backyard from sliding glass doors in the Family Room or Dining Room:

Back Yard:

Across from the slider in the Family Room is a hallway that leads to the Laundry Room, downstairs Bath, and downstairs Guest Room. You can sort of see it in the left of this picture:

Inside the hallway to the right is the downstairs Bath (the shower is on the left):

Straight through the hallway is the little Laundry Room:

Through the Laundry Room is the three car Garage. To the right of the Laundry Room is a closet, and past that the downstairs Guest Room:

When you go up the stairs this is what you see:

The Master Bedroom is to the left, the door kind of straight ahead is the Office, to the right of that is the upstairs Bathroom, and to the right of that is Marshall's room.


Upstairs Bathroom:

Marshall's room:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:


So, that's the house! There are a lot of things we want to change, first being some of the cray-zay paint colors. Jerad's dad painted Marshall's room and the office a nice neutral taupe color, but that's as far as we've gotten. And technically Marshall's room still isn't finished. There's just so MUCH to paint that its overwhelming.

One of our favorite things about the house was the location. Our property has green belt on one side and across from it so we only have neighbors behind us and to one side. It feels really secluded. Here is the view standing in the front yard looking down the right side of the house:

To the right are stairs that lead down the hill:

We own pretty far down the hill and plan to do some landscaping there too. Down the hill are walking trails and a pond that the dogs LOVE.

View from our front yard:

Another thing we liked about this house was even though there was so many things that we wanted to change, there was nothing that HAD to happen. We can take our time. Right now we're working on upgrading the bathrooms. Its been a slow process. I think we are on week 2 of refinishing the cabinets in our bathroom?

The back yard is a big project that we're excited about. We're planning on adding french doors that open from our room onto a second story deck, a covered patio under the deck, a bunch of tractor work to change where the retaining walls are, new rock retaining walls and landscaping, grass, paver fire-pit area, outdoor kitchen, playground/sandbox area for the kids, a garden, a dog area.... its going to be a lot of work. We want to pay cash for all of the improvements so paying for H2's birth probably pushed the yard to next year.

In the meantime one of these days we are going to finish un packing, I'm pretty sure of it...


liz oelker said...

very beautiful...even with the crazy colors..ok that blue is a bit much. Hope you're not going to crazy keeping that place clean :) Enjoy!

Nicole harvey said...

Wow it's amazing. I am jealous.

.heidi.noelle. said...

This is amazing! I look forward to all the future blog posts about your updates!