Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

We were planning on going to the Templeton Parade again this year. Normally Marshall is our 5-6am alarm clock so we never bother setting one on weekends. For some reason he didn't wake up till after 9 so we missed most of the parade. But we ALL got to sleep in till after 9, so that was even more exciting than going to the parade would have been:)

We met up with Jerad's family at the end of the parade:

Then headed over to their house for some hot dogs and play time. In the afternoon we went home so we could do a few things around the house and Marshall could take a nap (he'll still only nap at home).

In the evening we went back for tacos and to watch the fireworks.

I wasn't sure how Marshall would feel about the loud noises and being up so late, but he was in heaven!

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