Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A break

Well, Jerad didn't fall off the roof or anything. In fact he made it back yesterday night, so even ON TIME! He was a few hours later than he had been planning on... but it seems like usually its a few days so I'll take it. This last trip was almost perfect (for me). He left at 6:30am Monday morning, so he was here late enough to help me feed all the dogs and cats, pack Marshall's bags up, and load him in the car. Usually he leaves at 3 or 4 am which is brutal because he always wakes me up and then as soon as I fall asleep the alarm goes off. Then he came back Tuesday night about 11:45.

I know I always talk about how him working on out of town projects is hard on ME when in reality its also hard on him because he is doing a ton of driving, and working really long hours. But lets be honest here, he is also swimming in hotel pools, getting to eat out for every meal, sleeping through the night, and in the morning the maid comes and makes the bed. Sometimes him and the guys go to a comedy show or karaoke. He's working his ass off... but also is kind of on a vacation.

Him being gone one night is perfect. As long as Marshall and the pets don't decide to be high maintenance, its enough time for me to catch up on some extra sleep. Two nights is fine and I usually manage to get a few extra things done around the house. 4 starts pushing it and anything over 5 I am just in survival mode.

Its much easier if he's gone during my days off than when I am working. Hanging out with Marshall at home, on our own schedule is cake. The house stays clean, we go to the park or the pool, I bake, the pets get lots of attention. Its the packing all the bags and being out the door at 6:30am, working all day, having to pick him up, having to make dinner and deal with all the animals the second we walk in the door, while still making sure there are groceries in the fridge, I've paid the bills, and the laundry is clean that kills me.

So, this 2 day 2 night trip was perfect. He's been working a lot and I've been going stir crazy so the day before he left he offered to watch Marshall while I went and saw a movie (Cowboys and Aliens). I LOVE going to movies alone, love SciFi, and love Harrison Ford so it was a winning combo.

Tonight Jerad made dinner while I played with Marshall, then he took over for the bath and bed routine. The house is smashed but we're pretending we don't notice and are going to get a RedBox movie and make root-beer floats. I decided to be gracious (aka was too lazy to go myself) and let Jerad pick the movie. Last time he brought back Yogi Bear, so I have no idea what to expect. No matter what it is I feel like I'm on a little Wednesday mini-vaycay. I could get used to this.

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