Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kicked AND peed on all in one day.

Yesterday the baby really kicked for the first time. I've been able to feel him moving since 14 weeks or so, and the pokes and jabs have been getting stronger but still something I can totally tune out. Yesterday was the first time that he kicked so hard it surprised me in the middle of a conversation. Also now I remember how much I didn't like feeling Marshall move and kick (seriously, its a weird sensation). And I'm only 21 weeks. Its going to get a lot worse as the baby grows, yikes. By the end of being pregnant with Marshall I had started to think he was just going to bust out of my stomach all Alien style.

Last night I woke up because my leg felt wet. Apparently one of the kittens PEED ON ME in my sleep. Well, peed on the bed which soaked onto me. Seriously, wtf?!? It better by a one time thing. I adore animals, but have no tolerance for accidents in the house. I know how to potty train dogs, but what do you do about cats? They haven't had any other accidents so I'm hopping it was just a bad night. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night because every time a kitten would jump on the bed I had to make sure they weren't peeing. Oi.

Also, washing and changing sheets and bedding in the middle of the night is not my favorite.

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