Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's a....

.... boy!

So, we're having another boy. If I was more on top of things I'd have told you last Thursday when we found out, but what can you do? I also have some ultrasound pics that maybe I'll remember to upload later. Poor second child, already taking the backseat.

Because Marshall and this baby will be so close in age (19 months), I was hoping for another boy. Well, really I was just hoping for a Marshall clone because he's been so cute and fun and easy going and it would be a blast to do it all over again. As he's been growing and I've packed away his things, the only way I've kept myself from freaking out about it is by telling myself "that's okay, the next baby can use this." And lets face it, a little girl would look a bit wonky in all those boy clothes:)

Even though I've been *saying* that I was hoping for another boy, I was worried that if we found out that's what we were having, I'd be sad. What if this is our last baby, would I be alright with never having a girl? Or what if we're one of those couples that end up with 5 boys? Luckily when the ultrasound tech told us it was a boy I didn't even feel a twinge of remorse.

Which is sort of ironic. Before getting pregnant with Marshall, I always hoped and knew that I'd be a mother of girls. I had NO desire to have a boy. What would we do together? What would we have in common? Would I have to learn the rules of Football? I can't throw and I'm terrified of creepy crawly things! I used to babysit boys that *threw darts at me* so I had to lock myself in the bathroom and call their parents to come home. No thank you! Honestly, when we found out Marshall was a boy. I cried. Even though I'd had a feeling all along, I was pretty devestated about it and it took me awhile to come to grips that I was going to be a "boy mom." Jerad pointed out that I had a lot of sweet boy cousins that I'd loved watching grow up. And that he happened to be a boy and its not like he chased me around with snakes, and growing up he loved cooking and doing crafts and stuff like that with his mom. So many of my friends have sweet, sensitive, adorable little boys.

So I started to think I'd survive.

Then little Marshall was born and he was so amazing and I was like "yes, more of these please!" So, all that to say we are both so excited to be welcoming another little man into our family in 5 short months.

And this time we have a name in advance.

Miller Cash.

And if we have more children, they won't have "M" names... we aren't going for a Duggar vibe:) So there you go.

Our midwife called the day after the ultrasound to say that she just got the report and was laughing because it was the first time she had ever seen a baby's position listed as "mobile." So I guess so far Miller is already taking after Marshall. He moved around so much in utero that sometimes I thought he might just break out. Luckily he was a calm and content infant, so hopefully Miller follows suit.


Christina said...

Miller! Cute! I hope you give some explanation soon: family name? friend name? Just 'cuz? I'm just curious. I think it goes really well with Marshall. {:

Steph said...

Our criteria for names is basically:
-unique but not "weird"
-can't be too popular
-sounds a little country

So, Miller was actually on the back burner from last time:) We had narrowed it down to Sawyer, Marshall, and Miller then when he was born he felt like a "Marshall." Now I think Miller goes well without being totally matchy.

Rachel said...

Oh! I LOVE Miller!!! We like names that are a little country too. Or a little cowgirl/boy. :) That's why this time we are going with Sadie Josephine (or Sadie Jo for short).