Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Photo Dump #2

It turns out I had a lot of pictures on my phone. So I'll break it up into a few posts.

Marshall and Miller were playing this adorable game where they sit in a laundry basket, and steal a pacifier back and forth then laugh and laugh about it:

In the car after lots of strawberry samples at the farmer's market

I'm actually really proud of the next picture. The downstairs guestroom in our house had become sort of a catch-all crap room. It was easy to just throw stuff in there, close the door, and forget about it. Jerad also had a desk in there that he used as his home office and his filing system was basically "if its on a surface, its important, if its on the ground it's not and maybe I'll throw it away some day."

We have plans to replace the flooring, light fixture, add paneling to a wall and a few other things so I kept waiting to clean it up until we were going to remodel it. One day I needed to find a receipt in there and got so disgusted I decided to just see what I could clean and rearrange while the kids took their afternoon nap. They ended up taking a looong nap (3 hours) and I completely cleaned up the entire room:
No longer looks like it belongs on Hoarders! And there isn't even anything stuffed under the bed:)

My little kitchen helper

monch monch monch

at a playdate in Atascadero

Our double stroller had a flat tire so I managed to cram them both into the single

This is a new favorite past time of Marshall's:

window "washing" with water and a towel

Snacking on Sunflower Butter and celery

trying chocolate milk (coconut) for the first time

wanting more

"pwease mama?"

Watching a puppet show at the zoo

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