Monday, June 25, 2012

What we did this weekend

I've been so excited for Marshall to be old enough to help with "you pick" berries this year! Saturday morning we got up and had the kids all ready, drove to a local pesticide free berry farm...

 And waited at the gate for 30 minutes before finally getting a hold of someone to tell us that they decided to take the weekend off. Awesome. Marshall was all excited and I'd really built up "picking berries" so he was pretty devastated. We decided to stop at the park by our house and the soccer fields all had the sprinklers on!

Toddler heaven. We'll probably make this a weekly thing we do. Its right by our house, convenient in regards to naptimes, and 45 minutes of free fun.

Miller was content to lounge in the shade:

The all black berry picking clothes quickly became soaked. I hadn't brought any spares, so we stripped him down:

Threw on a shirt I found in the car, then borrowed the pants Miller was wearing. They fit Marshall like cute little capris (is there a "boy" equivelent of capri pants?)

Then we headed over to the park for awhile.

Once Marshall started zoning out for long periods of time we knew we should head home

While the boys napped Jerad worked on our built in (supposedly it will be done someday. preferably before we sell the house), and I meal planned and made our weekly shopping list.

When they woke up we went and visited Jerad's family for awhile and I snuck out to Trader Joes. That night I made these cookies out of garbanzo beans and sunflower butter. SO YUMMY!

Sunday morning I made Marshall's "Jamba." Spinach, greek yogurt, almond butter, garbanzo beans, 1/2 apple with seeds, a beet, and some frozen berries:

Then he reciprocated the favor by making my coffee:

Jerad made us all breakfast:

We had been planning on going to church in the park with Jerad's cousins, but we were feeling lazy and the kids napped early. While they were napping an electrition that Jerad has been working with came by and gave us some free passes to check out the Paso Tennis and Swim Club. Yes please! I packed some snacks for Marshall:

Snacks for us (cucumber avacado turkey roll):

Then headed to the pool! The kids both loved it. Miller just hung out on a towel:

But Marshall dove right in. 

Hanging out in the shade under a lounge chair:

Such a fun weekend!

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misguided mommy said...

Okay the jamba is a little scary but that avocado cucumber roll thingy looks amaze balls

my mother is paleo it drives me insane because she is always talking about it and what i'm eating wrong....I might as well be paleo giving up everything i have....if I ate meat it might be a little easier.

the omelett with avocado thing...i also need that. do you think i could make it without eggs though?