Sunday, August 19, 2012

Miller Cash: 7 months

Only a month late posting this one... luckily I take monthly notes!

Okay, Miller at 7 months. He is so close to crawling. He is always on his hands and knees but hasn't figured out how to propel himself forwards yet. When he wants to move he will roll, slither, and scoot until whatever he is looking for is within reach. I don't think it'll be long until he's fully mobile. Oh dear.

One of his favorite things right now is his treasure basket. He loves taking the items out, putting them back in, putting them in his mouth, or shaking them. This easily keeps him occupied for 20 minutes a day.


I got out all of Marshall's old baby toys, but honestly Marshall is more interested in them than Miller is. Miller just wants to play with whatever Marshall has. He really likes the musical instruments. 

Other favorites are tractors and trucks. Luckily there are more than enough of those to go around at our house.

One week before he turned 7 months he got his first tooth. It looks like the second isn't too far behind:

He is such a ham. When he does something that makes us laugh, he'll keep doing it over and over.

He also likes to pat my back, "tickle" Marshall, and give big sloppy kisses. He claps and is close to waving.

Sleep has just gotten worse and worse. I no longer have to lay in bed and nurse him to sleep then stay there which is nice. Now at around 8pm I can nurse him in the glider in his room, then put him in his crib when he's almost asleep. I usually have to repeat the process a time or two but fairly quickly he'll fall asleep and be out for a few hours. Then it starts going down hill. Most nights starting at about 10pm he wakes up about every 45 min to MAYBE an hour and a half if I'm lucky. I'm not one of those people need lots of uninterrupted sleep but this schedule is getting to me. I'm short on patience and spacy.

My biggest issue is that he'll only let ME comfort him back to sleep. When Marshall was little if I ever needed some extra rest I'd pump a bottle, put in earplugs, sleep in the guestroom and let Jerad handle the first feeding. A three or four stretch of sleep can feel like heaven to a sleep deprived mama. However Miller will have None Of That. It has to be me. He'll even let me give him a bottle or rock him back to sleep but if Jerad tries to mess with him in any way he just gets more and more worked up and then none of us get any rest.

I bring him in our bed after he wakes up the first time then he spends the rest of the night with us. We've tried leaving him in the crib, but going in there so frequently kills me and I feel like I get literally no sleep. We've tried him in a pack in play in our room but he doesn't sleep well in there either.

Sleep issues aside, he is such a sweet, cute, charming little man. I can take him anywhere and he's almost always in a good mood. If I had to choose between having a baby that high maintenance baby during the day but slept peacefully through the night, and a baby that was easy going and happy during the day but high needs all night I'd absolutely choose the later. So I suppose we'll keep him. Besides, at this point things can pretty much only get better so at least there's that to look forward to :)

Even though nighttime is filled with drama, naps are now a dream. I can lay him down in his crib the second he seems sleepy, hand him a blanket (his version of a pacifier), turn on the white noise machine, and he'll happilynpass out for about two hours. He naps from 9-11, then again from 1-3. Marshall naps from about 12:30 till 3 or 3:30 so I have a good chunk of time each day when they're both sleeping at the same time that I can use to get some never ending chores done, or veg out.

He has also decided that he loves baths which has made all of our lives much easier. He loves taking baths with Marshall, or hanging out splashing in the bottom of the shower.

8th month post is coming soon. I'll try to stop being so far behind.

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