Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miller: First Foods

 A week before Miller turned 8 months old we let him try some banana:

He wasn't sure about it at first, but warmed up eventually:

Then he discovered the fun of turning it into a huge ass mess:

We tried again the next day, but he wasn't really interested so we backed off for a week. Since then he's been eating (and making huge messes) pretty regularly:

Chicken drumstick, broccoli, sweet potato

 Bring it on!


Marci said...

where did you get all those cute shirts of his?

Steph said...

Awe, thanks! Most of his clothes are hand-me-downs from Marshall:) The first and last ones in this blog I believe are Carter's brand (and were Marshall's), and the middle one was a babyshower gift from Jerad's aunt. I buy 95% of their stuff at a local consignment shop. I go check it out about once every 2 weeks (when they mark the older things down to 75% off)and always look for good brands, mostly Gap, Gymboree, Tea, Hanna Anderson, and western style shirts and converse shoes. I also look all the way up to 4T sizes and will buy things like nice jeans, or jackets if they're a really good price.

Marci said...

I just love them. I usually love the clothes that are consignment or hand me downs. I shop the consignment sales here too but some of the smaller shops don't get much in brand wise. I've never bought up sizes but that is a great idea!