Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IPhone Clearout

My phone has been working horribly lately. Freezing, taking forever to do anything. I had over 1980 pictures and videos on it (so many that I had to delete one every time I needed to take a new one) so I finally decided to move them all onto the external hard drive. Lo and behold my phone is back to normal:)

I've posted a lot of these on Instagram, but if you don't follow me here's a few of the recent ones:

brothers in the shower

chilling in the pool

our lab wishing he was chilling in the pool

Children's Museum

"Camping" at the children's museum

practicing taking turns in Marshall's room

brother bath

making each other laugh

beach trip with daddy

Miller ate some sand

LOTS of sand

and was proud of himself

ate a few rocks too



Obsessed with the washer just like Marshall was

teaching Miller how to "drive" at Lowes

Looks like we've created another sand eater and laundry lover.

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Marci said...

how sweet it is to see them make each other laugh!