Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A peek into my little mind

As if the things that go through my mind during the day aren't weird enough, here are a few of my dreams:
Reoccurring throughout childhood:

I am living with my family. The Abominable Snowman comes to our house, throws us out, and starts living there. Luckily I have my My little Pony friends to keep me safe. We sit on the hill above the house and spy on the Snowman. When we think its safe we sneak down and rescue the family cats one at a time so that he won't eat them. One time he catches us and makes us chop his firewood! This is very difficult because the ponies dont really have hands, and I'm too little to really lift the ax. Finally we take the ax and chase him out of the house and reclaim it. During this whole time my parents have been gone somewhere. I hear my mom's car pulling into the driveway and I run outside to greet her. As I arrive at the car, my mom opens the door, and there in two matching car seats are...... wait for it..... 2 toddler Abominable Snowbabies. Then I wake up.

I seriously had this dream (at the time it seemed like a nightmare) at least 10 times as a child.

Last night:

I went to visit my friend Danielle in Eugene OR, but got lost in Florida on the way so it took forever to get there.
When I did, she had like 7 little hippie children that she had "forgot" to tell me about. So, we decided to go out drinking (and apparently leave the mob of kids at home?!?) but she thought I was probably hungry from my trip to her house (after all I did wind up in FL somehow...) so she decided to cook dinner first.
She was living in this teeney tiny studio apartment and had this little mini stove that was about 2 feet tall. She started making mashed potatoes like no one's business. After few batches she randomly had another baby and put it in a laundry basket on top of the tv (the only free space). Whenever we would finish eating the potatoes, more would appear. After eating for awhile, we got all huge like the blueberry girl on Willy Wonka.
We eventually got full (or couldn't grow any more?) so the kids had to push us out the door. We rolled our way to the bar, but they wouldn't let us in! We got all angry and started bouncing on the ground (like beach balls) trying to knock the bar down. Then I woke up.


There are many many more. I will look through my old blogs and journal entries and post them as I find them.

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